Your ceremony can take place anywhere you desire: the beach, a park, a winery or a chapel, even your own home. I will provide you with the resources to create just the right ceremony for you. You may like to include family and friends in your ceremony through readings, poems or songs.

I travel to all areas of the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW, Springbrook, Mt. Tamborine and the Sunshine Coast. A Notice of Intended Marriage, (NOIM) must be completed no more than 18 months and no less than one calendar month prior to the marriage.

The celebrant must sight your original birth certificates. Those born overseas or travelling to Australia for their wedding may show either their original overseas birth certificate and/or their overseas passport.

Marriage, according to Australian law, is “ the union of a man and a woman, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life”.

Two witnesses must be present during the ceremony, both over 18. The bride, groom and both witnesses must not be intoxicated during the ceremony.

Australian law also requires that you say specific vows, although you are most welcome to add to these vows with your own personal words.

Other than the Celebrant Authority and the official vows, you can personalise your ceremony as much as you like.

I specialise in making every ceremony unique and personal.